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Welcome to Puerto Rico Birth Certificates, where we make it easy to obtain your certified Puerto Rico Birth Certificate. Listed below are the requirements for expediting a birth certificate from Puerto Rico. If a form or letter is required of you in these steps, there will be a link to the appropriate samples or forms. Please read the instructions carefully, download each sample/form, and complete all paperwork. Once you are finished, fax all required documents to: (713) 874-1245.


1) Birth Certificate Request Form filled out and signed--must be notarized. (Click here  )

2) Copy of STATE ISSUED Driver's License or I.D., also notarized. (Please make sure you enlarge and lighten the Driver's License/I.D. before faxing. If it is not a clear copy this can hold up the processing time.)

3) Letter of Authorization, signed and notarized. (Click here )

4) Detailed letter of why you are needing the Birth Certificate so quickly. Must be signed, filled out, and notarized. (Click here )

5) Copy of Social Security Card (if available).

6) Fax to (713) 874-1245

Please make sure all documents are legible and are not too dark before faxing.


*Regular Service which is 5-7 Business Days is $122.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)

*Rush Service which is 3-4 Business Days is $157.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)

*Super Rush Service which is 2 Business Days is $190.00 total (Please add $5.00 for additional copies)